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    Cat and turtle share unlikely friendship

    Now here's a rare animal friendship that you won't see very often! Check out this turtle as it climbs onto a very friendly cat. How precious is that?

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    Cats put friendship aside for cardboard box dominance

    Normally these two cats are the best of friends, but put a cardboard box between them and all bets are off! Check out their hilarious encounter captured on camera.

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    22+ Funny Yoga Cats

    Cats are some of the most flexible creatures out there… it’s a wonder they don’t teach their own yoga class! It’s so much fun keeping a discreet eye out for our cats’ crazy antics. Whenever they think we aren’t looking, they’re performing some kind of cute…

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    Climbing Cat Found In Ridiculous Spot

    Can somebody tell us what this silly cat is doing on top of the door? We have absolutely no idea. We know kitties are mischievous animals but there is no accounting for this sort of wild behavior. How did he even get up there? Our guess is that he is practicing for the 2016 all-cat hide and seek…

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    Cat doesn’t like owner’s singing

    Everyone has one friend who thinks they are a singing superstar, but when the sing it becomes clear that they do not have a musical note in their head. Does that sound familiar? If so, then this cat totally relates to you. She hates her owner’s singing and won’t tolerate it. Every time…

  • Cute begging cat

    This cat knows how to get exactly what it wants. It has a super-power we are very, very jealous of. This cat has the power of super cuteness. Not only is he completely adorable, he also knows how to stand on his two feet and beg. We don’t think we would be able to turn down any request from…